AISP API Overview

Base URL

The base URL for all AISP APIs is:**

Account Access Consents

Account Access Consents API


Accounts API


Balances API

Balances shown in this endpoint include Expected, InterimAvailable and InterimCleared.

Expected balance is the value displayed most widely to customers within their web or mobile banking apps.


Transactions API


Beneficiaries API

Payment recipients are accessible via the Beneficiaries API. Payments are currently only permitted to pre-registered beneficiaries or one of the customer's other accounts (for account transfers). This API is useful when setting up payments.

This API does not support the "bulk" beneficiaries endpoint GET /beneficiaries

Direct Debits

Direct Debits API

This API does not support the "bulk" direct debit endpoint GET /direct-debits

Scheduled Payments

Scheduled Payments API

DateTime elements have been used so that there is consistency across all API endpoints using dates. However, for Standing Orders we only process based on the day element, therefore, the time portion of the DateTime element will be defaulted to 00:00:00+00:00.


Parties API

In addition to Open Banking API specification, Bank have additional SupplementaryData in the following two end points responses.

Name XPath EnhancedDefinition
OBParty2. SupplementaryData Supplementary information
OBParty2. SupplementaryData. VatNumber Account holders VAT number
OBParty2. SupplementaryData. CompanyId Account holders company number as registered with companies house in the UK
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