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Security Model

Access to our Open Banking API is secured using the Open ID Foundation's Financial Grade API (FAPI) Profile.

Access also requires our customers (Payment Service Users or PSUs) to undergo Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as part of OpenID Connect authorisation flows.

Our API currently supports app->app, mobile-web->app, web->web authentication flows.

Please read more about the Security Model here.

API Specifications

Our API is based on v1.0 of the Bahrain OBF Specification and covers both Account Information (AISP) and Payment Initiation (PISP) services. Please see the following links for more details and to see which resources and endpoints are available via our API.

Accounts & Transaction Information API:

Payment Initiation API:

Sandbox Environment

We recommend you start by accessing our Sandbox APIs. This Sandbox Environment fully reflects our Production Environment and provides an easy route to testing out your proposition, using rich synthetic sample data and without accessing any real customer accounts.

Production Environment

To access the Production Environment, please see Production APIs.


Please see the following:

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